Where are we today? We're out and about every day in Bute Park and around Cardiff. Track us down for your daily caffeine hit.

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Customised vintage coffee trikes and bars. Bringing mobile coffee to the streets of Cardiff, and events throughout the UK.

Handlebar Barista

Handlebar Barista is a mobile coffee and catering company based in Cardiff. 

The company was founded in 2015 to combine a love of two things: coffee and cycling. But we offer so much more. Our fleet of speciality vehicles includes 2 vintage pedal-powered coffee trikes, an electric coffee tuk-tuk, and a converted horse-box bar that can be used to serve cocktails (gin and rum are our speciality!), ice creams, craft beers and more.

These are available to hire for events of all kinds throughout the UK, and their eye-catching appearance and flexibility (not to mention our top-quality coffee) means that we have travelled to provide drinks at events throughout the UK and even overseas.

And when not at events, we are busy on our coffee trikes every day keeping the good folk of Cardiff fully caffeinated. You can find us in Bute Park and along the Taff Trail every day, and we also have regular office rounds, providing freshly brewed coffee to workplaces around the city centre. If you are based in Cardiff and want to add your office to our daily route then get in touch!


We serve our own top-secret blend of ‘Handlebar Barista Coffee’. And we are extremely proud of it.

Our formula has been specially crafted alongside a local roastery using a blend of the finest South East Asian Arabica beans (all 100% ethically grown and produced). Expect a unique balance of caffeine-loaded energy and a carnival of incredible, complex flavours on the palate.

Our coffee is available at all of our pop-up locations and events. Our baristas will be able to answer any questions that you have. 


Glitz-up parties, fuel you staff, impress clients or get people talking about your brand. 

Our fleet of coffee trikes is available to bring mobile coffee and refreshments to events throughout the UK and beyond. All our vehicles are completely self-sufficient and off-grid, with onboard water supply, waste collection and gas powered espresso machine (which also runs on mains electricity when gas is prohibited).

Click on the images below for more information, or talk to us now about hiring a trike for your event and creating your bespoke experience.

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Weddings & Parties

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Sports & CrossFit Events

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Film Sets &
On location

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Festivals & Food Markets


We are hugely excited to be working with Cardiff Council to be serving coffee, drinks and snacks from mobile coffee points in Bute Park and on the Taff Trail.

Our fleet is spread across 3 sites in the north of the park – the Blackweir Changing Rooms; the Blackweir Bridge (Taff Trail side) and in the Galablfa Woods next to Talybont student residences.

We are open 7 days a week (weather dependant!), serving from each site at different times. Visit the link at the top of the page for full details of opening times, or please contact us for more information.



Where it all began! Our first trike, built in June 2015 by our friend Marcin at Punk Bikes

– A restored 1930’s Classic Pashley No 33 Cargo Trike

– Fitted with an electric coffee grinder and Astoria Perla gas powered ‘lever’ coffee machine, meaning that our baristas hand-pull espressos the traditional way

– Built-in water tank, gas cylinder and electric battery, meaning that it is completely self-sufficient

– Capable of serving upto 100 coffees an hour. Also available to serve coffee-based cocktails, including Livorno Punch and our signature Espresso Martinis

Most commonly found: at weddings, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, film sets, parties and more!
Click here to discuss hiring HB#1 for your event!

Our second trike, bought and restored in May 2018

– Rescued from a garden in Birmingham and brought out of retirement from working as a hot-dog stand (being a coffee trike is much more fun!)

– Fully restored and fitted with a new wooden top, sliding doors and a stylish retro dual-fuel espresso machine

– Built-in water tank, gas cylinder and electric battery, meaning that it is completely self-sufficient

– Serving freshly ground coffee, a selection of teas, hot chocolate and snacks

Most commonly found: out and about on the streets of Cardiff most days. At Riverside Market every Sunday morning

A fully electric and eco-friendly coffee Tuktuk!

– The latest addition to our fleet – a fully electric tuk-tuk, rescued from a barn on a farm in west Wales

– Brought back to life and transformed into Cardiff’s first fully electric coffee tuk-tuk…with sustainable power provided by a solar panel fitted on the roof

– Decorated with original artwork from local artist Jack Skivens  

– Space for sandwiches and snacks alongside coffees and hot drinks…and ice creams in the summer!

Most commonly found: out and about each day in the beautiful woods around the north of Bute Park and the Taff Trail
Click here to discuss hiring the HB Tuck-Tuk for your event!



We’re not always on the move! You can also find the great taste of HB coffee at a number of fixed Cafes, Coffee Stops and Brew Huts around South Wales.

We will soon be opening a new pop-up coffee stop at the back entrance of Cardiff Central Railway Station, offering the great taste of HB Coffee and a selection of hot and cold snacks.

For more info, please contact us.


Drop us a line at [email protected] , or call Chris on 07533 058961. Aternatively fill in the form to the right to talk about getting the Handlebar Barista experience at your event or anything else that’s on your mind. If we’re on the road we’ll get back to you ASAP (promise).