As well as our normal daily rounds and ‘resident’ events such as Riverside Sunday Market, we can be found at a wide variety of different events all across Wales, the UK and even Europe! Details of some of the events we are attending this week can be found below, or follow us on Twitter to be kept fully up to date.

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The easiest way to keep upto date with where we are going to be each day and the events that we are attending is to follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


You can view our latest Twitter feed to the left of this page, and you can follow us by clicking on the logos in the menu bar at the top of the page.


Our baristas always have their phones with them and Twitter turned on when they are out on the daily rounds, so if your office is near one of our routes and you want us to stop off to make some drinks for you and your colleagues, then the best way of reaching us is sending a tweet.


Or of course you can get in touch the traditional way!