Welcome to Handlebar Barista

Pedal-powered trikes serving barista coffee and hot drinks on the move!

Markets – Fayres – Weddings – Corporate Events – Parties – Sporting Events – Festivals…
and out and about in Cardiff!

Our custom-made vintage trikes can be found outside Cardiff Central and Queen Street station every weekday morning, and brewing coffee outside offices around Cardiff.

And when we are not meeting and serving treats to the lovely people of Cardiff, we can be found anywhere in the wider South Wales area at a variety of events. The trikes offer a perfect way to make an event stand out from the crowd and provide your guests with some perfectly brewed hot coffee at the same time.

Our trikes are completely self sufficient  with gas, electric and water supplies built in, and are ideal for either a static or mobile set-up; and all our ingredients and products are sourced locally from small businesses and suppliers whenever possible.

Find out about how you can book a trike for your event

Work in Cardiff? Contact us to arrange for our trike to call at your office and make fresh coffees and hot drinks for you and your colleagues!

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